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The Puritans were better prepared than the Pilgrims because they
a) had raised a lot more money
b) brought more supplies and animals
c) arrived in the winter
d) learned how to survive in the forests of England

What did people who disagreed with the Puritans often do?
a) move back to Europe
b) become explorers in Africa
c) take over the colony
d) start their own colony

Philadelphia means
a) brotherly love
b) Three Lower Counties
c) sharing is caring
d) Penn\'s Woods

Who had their passage to the colonies paid for in exchange for 5-7 years of work?
a) Puritans
b) enslaved Africans
c) Pilgrims
d) Indentured servants

Some colonists settled in the backcountry because
a) land was cheaper than on the Atlantic Coast
b) they wanted to live in large trade ports
c) they wanted to fight in the Yamasee War
d) life was easy

The length of the school day changed because
a) children had to work on farms
b) teachers wanted the day off
c) parents didn't want their children to learn
d) children played marbles

Most enslaved Africans lived on large plantations in the Southern colonies because
a) the farms had plenty of food
b) these farms needed a lot of workers
c) they wanted to earn a living
d) they were offered good housing

Colonists viewed English trade laws as
a) unfair
b) creating huge profits for the colonists
c) benefiting the colonists
d) completely fair

The people who benefited most from the triangular trade were
a) merchants in the Middle Colonies
b) small farmers in the Southern Colonies
c) planters in the West Indies
d) merchants in New England

In the term triangular trade, the first word describes...
a) shape of the ships' sails
b) shape of the shipping route
c) hats worn by the ship captains
d) enslaved Africans' journey to African ports

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