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Hace buen tiempo
a) It's good weather
b) It's bad weather
c) It's okay weather
d) It's great weather

Hace mal tiempo
a) It's bad weather
b) It's horrible weather
c) It's freezing weather
d) It's good weather

Hace viento
a) It's windy
b) It's rainning
c) It's snowing
d) It's sunny

Hace fresco
a) It's cool
b) It's cold
c) It's hot
d) It's warm

Hace frio
a) It's cold
b) It's cool
c) It's cloudy
d) It's windy

Hace sol
a) It's sunny
b) It's rainy
c) it's chilly
d) It's hot

a) It's snowing
b) It's raining
c) Snow
d) To snow

a) It's raining
b) It's snowing
c) The rain
d) Rain drops are falling on my head..........

Hace calor
a) It's very hot
b) It's a lot hot
c) It's hot
d) It's so freakin hot

What do you use to say it's very hot?
a) Hace calor
b) Hace muy calor
c) Hace frio
d) Hace mucho calor

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