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The boy ate so much candy, so
a) he got sick.
b) he began to cry.
c) his parents gave him a prize.
d) he grew two inches.

Jim is scared to go outside because...
a) it is raining.
b) his baby sister is mad and hungry.
c) his friendly dog is outside barking.
d) it is dark and spooky.

I left my clothes on the floor, so....
a) my mom is happy.
b) I had to do the same amount of chores.
c) I had to do extra chores.
d) my room is clean.

There was flooding because of....
a) the heavy rain.
b) a hurricane is Mexico.
c) the tornado.
d) last year\\\\\\\'s rain.

Since Alex studied really hard...
a) he got the highest grade in the class.
b) he got the lowest grade in the class.
c) he did not pass to middle school.
d) he got the second highest grade in the class.

Since it was cold outside,
a) the cat was hungry.
b) it must be raining.
c) I wore my jacket.
d) I wore my pajamas.

The lunch food taste good...
a) so I will buy lunch again tomorrow.
b) so I will never buy lunch again.
c) so I will eat my mom's food.
d) so I will get sick.

The soccer player is famous and rich, therefore
a) he can buy anything he wants.
b) he has to quit playing soccer.
c) is very sad.
d) he can only buy two cars.

Tim forgot his math book in the classroom, so
a) he was unable to write
b) he was unable to complete his classwork.
c) he was unable to complete his homework.
d) he did not pass to middle school.

Anglea studied her spelling words and
a) got a perfect score on the history test.
b) got a sticker.
c) got a new bike.
d) got a perfect score on the spelling test.

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