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Motivation.[print questions]

Which of the following is not true regarding sexual orientation?
a) Sexual orientation is neither willfully chosen nor willfully changed.
b) Most people accept their orientation
c) Men’s sexual orientation is potentially more fluid and changeable than women’s
d) Women, regardless of sexual orientation, respond to both female and male erotic stimuli

Instinct theory and drive-reduction theory both emphasize _______ factors in motivation.
a) environmental
b) cognitive
c) psychological
d) biological

The correct order of the stages of Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle is:
a) plateau; excitement; orgasm; resolution
b) excitement; plateau; orgasm; resolution
c) excitement; orgasm; resolution; refractory.
d) plateau; excitement; organism; refractory

Electrical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus will cause an animal to:
a) begin eating
b) stop eating
c) become obese
d) begins copulating

Increases in insulin will:
a) lower blood sugar and trigger hunger
b) raise blood sugar and trigger hunger
c) lower blood sugar and trigger satiety
d) raise blood sugar and trigger satiety.

Some scientific evidence makes a preliminary link between homosexuality and:
a) late sexual maturation
b) the age of an individual’s first erotic experience
c) atypical prenatal hormones
d) early problems in relationships with parents

One problem with the idea of motivation as drive reduction is that:
a) some motivated behaviors do not seem to be based on physiological needs, they cannot be explained in terms of drive
b) it fails to explain any human motivation
c) it cannot account for homeostasis
d) it does not explain the hunger drive

Which of the following is a difference between a drive and a need?
a) Needs are learned; drives are inherited
b) Needs are physiological states; drives are psychological states
c) Drives are generally stronger than needs
d) Needs are generally stronger than drives

Motivation is best understood as a state that
a) energizes and directs behavior
b) energizes an organism to act
c) aims at satisfying a biological need
d) reduces a drive

When asked what makes life meaningful, most people first mention
a) good health
b) challenging work
c) satisfying relationships
d) serving others

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