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The Run Stories #1-7 - Multiple Choice Test.[print questions]

Where does the story start?
a) at a ranch
b) at a gas station
c) at a grocery store
d) in a big city

What happens to people when they get sick with the disease described in the story?
a) flu-like symptoms
b) long, deep sleep
c) two day
d) run away from home

Who was rushing toward Mac and Dennis at the beginning of the story?
a) Ann Greerson
b) Anna Johnson
c) swarm of crazed people
d) gas station owner

What did the phrase 'on the run' mean?
a) trying to help people
b) trying to hurry up
c) trying to win a race
d) trying to escape or hide

Who did Mac and Dennis pick up from the gas station?
a) college friends
b) a young survivor
c) their parents
d) a new puppy

What injury does Anna have?
a) sprained wrist
b) cut on her forehead
c) gash on her leg
d) broken ankle

What color does the wound on the girl's leg turn?
a) dull yellow
b) black
c) deep blue
d) dark purple

Anna asks Mac if he thinks she's going to become 'one of them'. Who might she mean by 'them'?
a) the zombies
b) Dennis and Jeremiah
c) the three boys
d) doctors and nurses

Who goes missing?
a) Mac
b) Dennis
c) Anna
d) Jeremiah

When Dennis and Jeremiah find Anna and Mac at the stream, what do they see?
a) Mac and Anna hugging
b) zombies ready to attack
c) a bear running toward them
d) Anna's hands around Mac's throat

Where were Mac, Dennis, Jeremiah and Anna headed at the end?
a) Jeremiah's family's house
b) radio station
c) different part of the woods
d) nearest big city

How can Jeremiah be described throughout the text?
a) immature, frightened
b) daring, reckless
c) compassionate, determined
d) confused, upset

What does Petey say is the key to breaking through the infection helping the zombies become human again, aside from music?
a) letting them run outside
b) throwing cans at them
c) locking them into a bathroom
d) engaging and talking to them

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