States Of Matter 2 Question Preview (ID: 48701)

This Is Part 2 Of The Classification And States Of Matter Test.

When the temperature of a gas decreases, the pressure
a) stays the same
b) increases
c) decreases
d) explodes

______________________Law states that the pressure of a gas increases if the volume decreases, when temperature is constant.
a) Landreth's
b) Boyle's
c) Charles'
d) Fred's

Insulin is made of more than_________atoms.
a) 500
b) 5000
c) 5
d) 50

Particles will move in _________lines until they collide with the container or another particle.
a) straight
b) curved
c) circular
d) zigzagged

Heat and thermal energy are__________.
a) different
b) the same
c) synonyms
d) types of elements

The melting point and freezing point are the same. One removes_______________ and one adds it.
a) thermal energy
b) liquid
c) atoms
d) particles

When vaporization only occurs at the surface of a liquid, it is called
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) illumination
d) procrastination

This is like freezing because it removes thermal energy from a gas.
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) illumination
d) exaggeration

A group of atoms held together with a chemical bond is called
a) molecule
b) compound
c) substance
d) atomic bomb

A substance's ____________________will remain at the boiling point until all particles have changed from a liquid to a gas.
a) temperature
b) volume
c) pressure
d) thermal energy

The unit of measure used to describe pressure is
a) ATM
b) Kelvin
c) Meter
d) AMP

When particles gain enough energy to break away, this is called the
a) melting point
b) boiling point
c) breaking point
d) decimal point

During thermal expansion, particle size
a) remains the same
b) gets bigger
c) gets smaller
d) doubles

This law states that the volume of a gas increases with the increasing temperature, if the pressure is constant.
a) Charles
b) Boyle
c) Landreths
d) Newton

The force caused by the collisions of air particles around objects is called_________
a) Yoda's force
b) volume
c) air pressure
d) temperature

___________________energy is stored energy due to the ________________between particles and objects.
a) potential, distractions
b) potential, interactions
c) kinetic, distractions
d) kinetic, interactions

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