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Which of the following is a compound ?
a) salt
b) paint
c) soup
d) air

One molecule of SiO2 contains the following combinations of atom:
a) 1 Si and 1 O
b) 2 Si and 2 O
c) 2 Si and 1 O
d) 1Si and 2 O

Which of the following models could be used to compare the sizes of atoms in molecule ?
a) ball and stick
b) structural
c) space filling
d) formula

There are strong bonds between the atoms in a piece of quartz. These bonds give quartz a
a) low melting points
b) high melting points
c) low molecular mass
d) high molecular mass

The attraction between molecules tends to be _____ the attraction between ions.
a) weaker than
b) stronger than
c) equal to
d) none of these

Which molecules are most strongly attracted to one another?
a) water molecules
b) hydrogen molecules
c) oxygen molecules
d) nitrogen molecules

Sugar has a lower melting point than salt because sugar is made of
a) atoms
b) ions
c) molecules
d) crystals

Which of the following does not form crystals at room temperture?
a) quartz
b) salt
c) sand
d) water

Which of the following is a mixture ?
a) soil
b) pure water
c) oxygen
d) sugar

A chemical formula formula shows
a) numbers and types of atoms
b) number of atoms only
c) mass of atoms
d) chemical properties

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