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Using Context To Determine The Meaning Of An Unfamiliar Word![print questions]

What does dwindle mean? The flower did not dwindle. In fact, it grew steadily and strong.
a) shrink
b) grow
c) bloom
d) give up

What does complex mean? I thought the math problem was complex, but she thought it was easy.
a) simple
b) complicated
c) fun
d) long

What does waxwing mean? The waxwing, which is a brown bird, made his home in my tree.
a) nest
b) sky
c) bird
d) wing

What does consent mean? She gave her consent and allowed her son to go to the concert.
a) money
b) admission
c) ticket
d) permission

What does the word listless mean? She had a listless attitude. She didn't seem interested in anything and had no energy.
a) drowsy
b) bad
c) boring
d) grumpy

What does loquacious mean? The loquacious man could not stop talking.
a) curious
b) talkative
c) interesting
d) boring

What does the word botanist mean? The botanist had studied wild plants in the jungle.
a) scientist
b) teacher
c) student
d) guide

What does nomadic mean? The nomadic tribes wandered from place to place; they didn't stay in once place for too long.
a) large
b) farming
c) small
d) wandering

What does minute mean? Her handwriting is so minute that I probably need a magnifying glass to read it.
a) tiny
b) sloppy
c) silly
d) unimportant

What does deducted mean? She needed to pay for her books, so she deducted money from her bank account.
a) added
b) increased
c) withdrew
d) changed

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