First Grade Spelling Test 11 1 19 Question Preview (ID: 48625)

Spelling Review Week Of November 1.

You should write a thank you ___________.
a) notte
b) note
c) mote
d) nute

The driver needs to stay in his _____on the road.
a) lone
b) lanne
c) lane
d) lanee

This is a yummy treat, spell it the right way! Mrs. Bryant likes a vanilla _______.
a) cipcake
b) cupcake
c) kupkake
d) copcke

A ballerina walks a tight _______.
a) rop
b) roppe
c) rope
d) rpe

I ________ you spell this word the right way!
a) hpe
b) hoppe
c) hope
d) hop

Careful on the field, you could break a __________.
a) bne
b) bone
c) bonne
d) bune

You _______a mistake on the test.
a) mde
b) mad
c) nade
d) made

Some kids like to swim in a _________.
a) lke
b) lakke
c) lac
d) lake

The princess can ______ to say hello.
a) wve
b) wave
c) wav
d) wvve

Let us _____ him a birthday gift.
a) give
b) gve
c) givve
d) gove

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