Milkweed: Test Ch. 1-15 Question Preview (ID: 48618)

Milkweed: Test Ch. 1-15.

What did Stopthief bring Janina every day?
a) cake
b) pickles
c) bread
d) milk

Covered in fire
a) fiery
b) leveled
c) belligerent
d) ruffian

A bundle of loosely hanging threads like you see on the end of scarves or the edges of a rug
a) ghetto
b) tassel
c) strudel
d) curfew

Why can't Stopthief steal from the bakery anymore?
a) He is too injured to steal anymore.
b) He makes friends with the rich ladies and doesn't want to steal from them.
c) Janina's family owns the bakery.
d) There is no more food in the bakery to steal.

Part of a city, especially a slum area
a) ghetto
b) suburbs
c) skyscraper
d) museum

The name used by the characters in the story to refer to Nazis is _______________.
a) Jews
b) Gypsies
c) Jackboots
d) Poles

A regulation that says people have to stay inside at night is called a ______________.
a) strudel
b) tassel
c) jackboot
d) curfew

Can Stopthief read?
a) Yes
b) No

The yellow stone around Stopthief's neck shows that he is a ___________.
a) Jew
b) Jackboot
c) Gypsy
d) American

Why did the people spray a Jew with a hose in the middle of winter in Chapter 15?
a) They blamed him for stealing the horse from the carousel.
b) He had stolen cake from the bakery.
c) They mistook him for a Jackboot.
d) They thought he was Stopthief.

The Jackboots shot off Stopthief's ___________________.
a) coal
b) earlobe
c) foot
d) bread

In Chapter 11, Stopthief delivers chunks of ________________ to the orphans.
a) wood
b) cake
c) tomatoes
d) coal

Stopthief finally realized that the bearded men who were being tortured were _______________.
a) Gypsies
b) Americans
c) Jackboots
d) Jews

People are cutting down __________________ because there is no coal.
a) houses
b) brick walls
c) trees
d) bread

What type of figurative language is this sentence? Strudels and tortes danced in the firelight.
a) personification
b) simile
c) metaphor
d) idiom

In Chapter 8, Stopthief runs out of Janina's house with the _______________.
a) candlestick
b) glass cat
c) tomato plants
d) birthday cake

In Chapter 4, Uri gives Stopthief a ______________ and a _________________/
a) coal and tree
b) haircut and bath
c) jackboot and birthday cake
d) glass cat and shoes

In Chapter 7, Uri gives Stopthief the name of ____________________.
a) Karl Urbanski
b) Ivan Ystremski
c) Misha Pilsudski
d) Ralf Adelsson

Why was the wooden horse stolen from the carousel?
a) It is being burned for heat.
b) Someone sold it to make money.
c) People were angry because it was ugly.
d) Someone wanted to trade it for bread.

Why do Uri and Stopthief have to abandon their home in the basement of the barber shop?
a) The Jackboots find them.
b) It is too cold to stay there in the winter.
c) They find a new apartment.
d) They go to live with the orphans.

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