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When Romeo went to the store to get potion, did he take it right then?
a) Yes, and he fell out there
b) No, he waited and took it to Juliet's burial site
c) Yes, and the store keeper took him to Juliet's burial site
d) No, he waited until Paris showed up then took it

Why did Romeo fight Paris?
a) He fought Paris because they were love sick over Juliet
b) He fought Paris because Paris made fun of him
c) He fought Paris because Rosalina fell in love with Paris
d) He fought Paris because they both met face to face in both were in love with Juliet

Who was the first adult to show up at Juliet's burial site?
a) Friar Laurence
b) Lady Capulet
c) Lord Capulet
d) Benvolio

Which of the following was the main cause of Romeo and Juliet's death?
a) Adult's Interference
b) Youth and Inexperience
c) Fate/Chance
d) Romeo and Juliet

What caused Paris' death?
a) Someone came and shot him
b) Romeo stabbed him with his sword
c) Romeo gave Paris the potion
d) Friar Laurence came and stabbed Paris with his sword

Was Romeo's death caused by him?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Some was his fault, Some was Juliet's fault
d) It was all the adult's fault

What brought the Capulet and Montague family together?
a) Friar Laurence and Benvolio running down the street yelling
b) The two deaths of Romeo and Juliet
c) The three deaths of Paris, Romeo and Juliet
d) Friar Laurence told the two families

What was the order of the three deaths?
a) Paris, Juliet, Romeo
b) Romeo, Juliet, Paris
c) Juliet, Paris, Romeo
d) Juliet, Romeo, Paris

Who killed who?
a) Potion- Romeo and Juliet, Romeo- Paris
b) Stabbed- Romeo and Paris, Potion- Juliet
c) Stabbed- Romeo, Paris, Juliet
d) Potion- Romeo, Stabbed- Paris and Juliet

What is the theme of the play?
a) "Don't put your family before yourself"
b) "Always remember what you are and be thankful for it"
c) "Live life and don't do things so early"
d) "Good things come for those who wait"

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