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About 8 millions immigrants, mostly from Britain, Scotland, and Ireland, came to Canada. This is known as
a) The Underground Railroad
b) The Quebec Act
c) The Great Migration
d) the long boat ride

What was the Underground Railroad?
a) tunnels created by miners
b) a fun game
c) the railroad across Canada
d) a secret network of routes and safe houses that helped slaves escape to freedom

Why is Canada a great place for people to immigrate to?
a) it is a safe place, rich in natural resource where people are able to start a new life
b) because the people are very nice
c) Because it is surrounded by water-easy access
d) Because the Montreal Canadiens are the best hockey team ever

During the Great Migration, immigrants came mostly from _____, to settle in Canada
a) Scotland
b) all of the above
c) Ireland
d) Britain

Why would ships stop at Grosse-Ile?
a) it's a great tourist location with lots of great doctors
b) because it is located in the St. Lawrence river
c) Sight seeing
d) to make sure that diseases did not spread throughout Lowlands communities

A memorial built on Grosee-Ile is dedicated to the memory of...
a) the slaves who were caught by slave catchers trying to escape to Canada
b) the loyalists who wanted their official language to be English
c) the Irish people who died during the Great Migration trying to get to Canada
d) The missionaries who dedicated their life to helping others

Why do we, in Canada, celebrate St. Patrick's day?
a) because St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland
b) because Canada's national symbol is the four leaf clover
c) because the Irish immigrants brought their celebrations, traditions and ways of life with them
d) because everyone loves green

Many ships with immigrants from Europe were...
a) very large and carried large amounts of cargo
b) named after the Queen of England
c) very spacious and had a pool
d) over crowded, didn't have enough food or water, and disease spread easily

Why do some francophones in Quebec have Irish names?
a) because many Irish newcomers didn\'t speak the language, French
b) because many children were adopted by a French family after their parents died on Grosse-ile,
c) because French is such an easy language to learn
d) Because Irish people and French people get along very well

Immigrants during the Great Migration, and slaves using the Underground Railroad settled in which region?
a) Atlantic region
b) British Columbia
c) The Great Lakes-St.Lawrence Lowlands
d) Alberta

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