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In the course book, the term Ethnocentrism is
a) A term that deals with ethics
b) A term that is usually found in social science majors
c) A term that is associated with diversity and ethnicity
d) None of the above

Critical Thinking
a) A term that is associated with looking at a subject matter closely under a mircoscope
b) A term that is found in Becoming a Master Student
c) A term that underlies reading , writing, speaking and listening
d) Both answers B and C.

Convergent thinking
a) A term that describes a narrowing down of ideas
b) comes from a pool of ideas as a result of creative thinking
c) Answers both A and B
d) A term that is assocated with traffic patterns

The definition of Divergent thinking is
a) a term that is associated with creative thinking
b) A term that is associated with behavior patterns
c) A term that describe a moving away from the central topic
d) None of the above

In the Master Student book, to Suspend Judgement is
a) letting go of any pictures you may have when reading a book
b) part of an effective listening strategy to understand what the message is from the receiver
c) pleading the fifth amendment
d) dangling ideas in the air when brainstorming

To be reserve means
a) to put forth your request before the activity begins
b) to wait to see what the other person has to say before your respond
c) put your name on a list to be served
d) None of the above

According to the book, to Debate is to
a) follow a formal format and style when putting forth your answer
b) to argue without a purpose
c) arguing a particular point of view at the outset of the discussion
d) a term associated with politics

Stereotypes are invasive and they
a) they are found in magazine, newspapers and tv only
b) are only useful to those who use them
c) they are not harmful or threatening
d) inflitrate every dimension of human indivdiulatiy

Hostile environments are consdiered
a) work places that have dangerous job titles
b) when two co-workers have engaged in a disagreement
c) takes place when incidents associated with sexual harassment are severe and persistent.
d) All of the above

Your Conversations can do the which of the following:
a) exercise incredible power over what we think, feel and do.
b) has no real purpose if you are talking to someone you do not know
c) can be a good way to pass time
d) has nothing to do with what you are learning in college

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