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What is an example of a living organism?
a) My friend Snoop
b) Phone
c) Desk
d) Chair

How does a cell store energy?
a) ADP turns into a ADD
b) ADP turns into ATP
c) ATP turns into ADP
d) ADP turns into a whale

How does a cell release energy?
a) ATP breaks into ADP
b) ADP breaks into ATP
c) Losing 2 Phosphates
d) Gaining 2 phosphates

What is the energy molecule?
a) ADP
b) ATP
c) APT
d) APD

What is an Herbivore?
a) Animal that eats other animals
b) A plant that eats animals
c) Mom
d) An animal that only eats plants

Who needs energy?
a) All living organisms.
b) Computer
c) Pet rock
d) Chair

How is ATP used in a cell?
a) To maintain a home
b) To maintain a house.
c) To maintian a homie
d) To maintain homeostasis

How is ATP used in a cell?
a) To make a new model.
b) To make a new molecule.
c) To make a new mole.
d) To make a new bike.

How do plants get their energy?
a) They use their son and go to the store
b) They make proteins call mucose.
c) They turn light into salt.
d) They use the sun and store energy.

How do animals get energy?
a) They eat other organisms that have stored energy.
b) They eat the sun and turn it into glucose.
c) They turn light into sugar.
d) They do yoga in the morning.

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