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Which of the following compose an organisms niche?
a) All of these answers are correct
b) Diet
c) Role in the environment
d) Behavior

Why do humans need to be part of the nitrogen cycle?
a) Nitrogen is necessary to build DNA & proteins.
b) Nitrogen is necessary to build carbohydrates & fats.
c) Humans can make atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for producers.
d) Nitrogen is necessary for energy transfer from secondary consumers to producers

Organisms that recycle elements back into the environment by breaking down dead organisms are:
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) primary consumers
d) diatoms

Which of the following levels of organization are in the correct order from largest to smallest
a) Ecosystem, community, population, individual
b) Individual, community, population, ecosystem
c) Indivudal, population, community, ecosystem
d) Ecosystem, individual, population, community

In a helathy environment, how does the number of producers compare to the number of secondary consumers?
a) About the same
b) Fewer producers than 2nd consumers
c) More producers than 2nd consumers
d) Depends on the number of decomposers

During the 1st round of food chain checkers, why was the simulated environment unbalanced?
a) Total number of consumers were greater than producers
b) Amount of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level consumers were equal
c) The produers could not reproduce
d) All answers are correct

During the 2nd round of food chain checkers, what would have happened if the herring population increased dramatically?
a) All other organisms would increase initially.
b) Whale population increases, while copepod population decreases.
c) Copepod & whale populations would decrease.
d) Diatom population will increase, while whale population will decrease

What do the arrows in a food web represent?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Carrying capacity
c) Who eats who
d) Flow of energy

What role do producers play in the carbon cycle?
a) Converting carbon dioxide into a usable form of carbon for consumers.
b) Releasing carbon dioxide after photosynthesis.
c) Converting carbon to nitrogen for the nitrogen cycle.
d) Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the soil.

In a food pyramid, where can the carnivores be found?
a) Every level above primary consumer.
b) Every level above producer.
c) Only the top level.
d) All answers are correct.

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