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Name the two main parts of M phase.
a) interphase and cytokinesis
b) prophase and metaphase
c) mitosis and cytokinesis
d) cell division and interphase

When does the cell replicate the DNA?
a) prophase
b) cytokinesis
c) S phase (interphase)
d) M phase

Stringy DNA is known as
a) chromosomes
b) chromatin
c) centrioles
d) nucleus

Name the organelle that controls cellular activities such as cell division and DNA replication.
a) nucleolus
b) centrioles
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

Explain why the G2 phase during interphase occurs just before cell division.
a) The parent cell receives the correct amount of cytoplasm to properly function.
b) Each daughter cell receives the proper number of organelles to function correctly.
c) The parent cell receives the correct amount of DNA to function properly.
d) Each daughter cell grows and develops properly.

The M phase is also known as
a) cytokinesis
b) cell division
c) interphase
d) p phase

When do chromosomes first appear during the cell cycle?
a) interphase
b) metaphase
c) cytokinesis
d) prophase

Define mitosis.
a) division of the cytoplasm
b) division of the centioles
c) division of the spindle fibers
d) division of the nucleus

Give a reason as to why the cell cycle occurs.
a) Growth and development in an organism.
b) Repair tissue such as bone and skin.
c) Create cells to fight an infection.
d) All of the above.

Determine who tells a cell to stop dividing after a certain point.
a) the brain
b) enzymes (protein)
c) DNA
d) centrioles

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