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How do I determine where the decimal place goes after I have multiplied two numbers?
a) count the number of places after the decimal in both numbers and move it from the right over
b) What decimal point?
c) It doesn\'t matter - the decimal point doesn\'t mean anything
d) Count the number of places after the decimal in the first number and then move it to that spot

What do I do if I have blank spaces after I have moved the decimal point?
a) Forget about them - they don\'t matter
b) You made a mistake and need to start over
c) Fill in the blanks with zero
d) Fill in the blanks with 1

What is 0.02 x 3
a) 6
b) 0.06
c) 60
d) 0.6

What is 34.5 x 100
a) 0.00345
b) 34,500
c) 345
d) 3,450

What is the best estimate for 29.7 x 6.2
a) 180
b) 210
c) 250
d) 1800

What is 0.54 x 2.1
a) 1.134
b) 113.4
c) 11.34
d) 0.1134

If pencils cost $0.15 each - How much would 100 pencils cost?
a) $0.15
b) $150.00
c) $15.00
d) $1.50

What is 12.5 x 3
a) 3.75
b) 3750
c) 375
d) 37.5

What is 7.09 x 3.1?
a) 2.1979
b) 21.979
c) 219.79
d) 2197.9

How are you going to study for this test?
a) Review multiplication tables and work problems from the book or homework
b) Review addition facts
c) Go on vacation
d) Nothing - I know everything and do not need to study

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