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What do you see when the Moon is waxing?
a) more of the Moon
b) less of the Moon
c) nothing
d) all of the Moon

What do you see when the Moon is waning?
a) less of the Moon
b) more of the Moon
c) all of the Moon
d) nothing

Why can't we see the Moon during the new Moon phase?
a) The Moon is between the Earth and the Sun.
b) The Moon's lighted side is facing the Sun.
c) The Moon's dark side is facing the Earth.
d) All of the answers

The lunar cycle takes about how long?
a) one month
b) one year
c) one week
d) one day

Why can we see the Moon?
a) it shines brightly in the sky
b) the Sun's light reflects off the Moon's surface
c) it's a star
d) none of these answers

Ocean tides are caused by
a) the pull of the Moon's gravity
b) rotation of the Earth
c) orbit of the Earth around the Sun
d) all of the answers

Use the diagram on page 15 in your science book. What is the phase after the New Moon?
a) Full Moon
b) Waxing Crescent Moon
c) 1st Quarter
d) Third Quarter

Use the diagram on page 15 in your science book. What is the phase of the Moon after the third quarter?
a) Full Moon
b) New Moon
c) Waning Crescent Moon
d) 1st Quarter

Use the diagram on page 15. What phase of the Moon will it be after the Full Moon?
a) Waning Gibbous
b) New Moon
c) 1st Quarter
d) 3rd Quarter

Are you ready for the science test?
a) You bet I am
b) I might be
c) Not sure---what is the topic of the test?????
d) Not even close

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