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David's debate with the Social Studies teacher resuls in:
a) The teacher cries.
b) David failing his class
c) The teacher is fired
d) A lawsuit

The main excuse the Heather uses for ditching Melinda is:
a) She doesn't fit in with the Marthas
b) She has a bad reputation
c) They are just too different
d) She isn't popular enough.

During Melinda's conference with the guidance counselor, her parents, and the principal
a) Melinda cries and screams to get attention.
b) Melinda remains silent.
c) Melinda admits what happened.
d) Melinda is suspended.

Melinda used
a) Her relationship with her parents
b) David making fun of her
c) Being ostracized by her peers
d) Rachel de-friending her

Mr. Freeman examplifies his concern for Melinda when he tells her:

Melinda is humiliated by Heather one last time when:
a) She asks to paint her room eggplant.
b) Heather returns her friendship necklace.
c) She makes fun of her.
d) When she asks her to hang posters.

When Melinda realizes her friendship with Heather is over she:
a) She goes to Heather's house to change her mind
b) Shuts herself in her closet and screams.
c) She punches Heather.
d) She feels a loss of her only friend.

Which of the following is not refer to a meeting between Melinda and It?
a) They are suspended at the same time.
b) Andy Evans goes looking for Melinda in the lunchroom.
c) They both go to the same bakery to get jelly doughnuts.
d) When Melinda is hanging posters for Heather.

When Melinda daydreams about talk shows the implication is:
a) Because she was drinking it was her fault.
b) Her need for reassurance that it wasn't her fault.
c) She doesn't want anyone to ever know.
d) She knows she should place the blame all on herself.

When Melinda tells Rachel about the rape:
a) Melinda says they were dating when it happened.
b) Rachel belives that she was raped but not by Andy.
c) Rachel ignores her completely.
d) Rachel hugs her and believes everything she says.

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