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Facts On Reporting Abuse And Infectious Disease.[print questions]

Is there a penalty for not reporting abuse?
a) Yes, it is a misdemeanor in 39 states.
b) No because no one is required to report.
c) Only if you are a teacher
d) maybe

When is it required to reveal the identity of a reporter?
a) When there is a compelling reason to disclose or when a reporter knowingly made a false report
b) Never
c) When the person agrees to reveal their name.
d) When the abused person permits it.

Is clergy-penitent privileged?
a) It depends on the clergy's religion
b) No
c) Yes, in all states
d) Yes but limited to confessional communications.

What is a type of abuse?
a) corporate abuse
b) privileged abuse
c) Child abuse, domestic abuse, and elderly abuse.
d) spending abuse

Is reporting abuse a mandate?
a) Sometimes
b) only when it's child abuse
c) yes in all 50 states
d) Only in Canada

Is reporting infectious disease mandatory?
a) Yes, it is mandated by legislation.
b) No
c) only when it's a sexual disease
d) only at the county level

What is CAPTA?
a) Certified Acceptance for Parent Teacher Association.
b) Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
c) California Partent Teacher Association
d) Captain America Partnership Travel Alliance

What is PHI?
a) Philadelphia Heart Institute
b) Protected Health Information
c) Private Hawaiian Island
d) Private Home Insurance

When must an entity disclose PHI?
a) Whenever they want.
b) When a neighbor of the patient request it.
c) When an employer requests it.
d) When the Department of Health and Human Services request it and When an individual request access to their PHI.

Who determines which infectious disease is reportable?
a) Department of transportation
b) CDC and state health departments
c) employers
d) Department of labor

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