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Immigration, Inventors, And Cattle Trails.

Why were cattle trails necessary?
a) It was too expensive to fly the cattle to the East.
b) People enjoyed being on the trails.
c) There were no railroads in Texas.
d) Texas had really good railroads.

Many Chinese immigrants found jobs
a) in factories in the East
b) building railroads in the West
c) building ships in the south
d) driving cattle out of Texas

Cattle trails BEGAN in which state?
a) Texas
b) Kansas
c) New York
d) Nebraska

Farmers benefited most from whose work?
a) The Wright Brothers
b) Thomas Edison
c) Alexander Graham Bell
d) George Washington Carver

Which of the following is true?
a) Asian immigrants settled mostly in the east
b) European immigrants settled mostly in the east
c) European immigrants settled mostly in the west
d) All Asian immigrants were sent back home.

Factories could stay open later due to the invention of the
a) airplane
b) car
c) light bulb
d) telephone

All immigrants coming to America wanted
a) to be involved in politics
b) religious freedom
c) economic opportunities (jobs, ways of making money)
d) fancier clothes

One way that many immigrants were disappointed in their new American lives was that
a) there were no jobs
b) there was no politcal freedom
c) living conditions were not better than in their former countries
d) everyone looked the same

The Black Cowboys are most well known for what of the following?
a) clearing the Chisholm Trail.
b) driving cattle in Texas north to railroads
c) competing in rodeos
d) selling horses

Who do we have to thank for phones?
a) Wright Brothers
b) George Washington Carver
c) Thomas Edison
d) Alexander Graham Bell.

Why did the Wright Brothers choose Kitty Hawk as the location for their first flight?
a) because they wanted everyone to watch
b) because there was little wind
c) because of the strong winds and soft sand
d) because it rained a lot

How did cattle ranchers get their cattle to the East?
a) By using cattle drives to take cows north to the railroads.
b) By using cattle dries to take cows east.
c) By shipping the cows on boats.
d) By putting the cows on airplanes.

People who came from almost EVERY country were trying to find what in America?
a) religious persecution (could not worship as they wished)
b) economic opportunities (ie jobs or ways to make money)
c) an escape from war
d) an escape from natural disasters

President Roosevelt increased the US's global power by
a) winning the Spanish American War
b) completing the Panama Canal
c) creating new inventions for peanuts
d) building the transcontinental railroad

Why did Chicago become a major city?
a) it had iron ore to make steel
b) it had a lot of farms
c) people like to vacation there
d) meat packing plants processed beef from Texas

Which immigration station processed most Asian immigrants?
a) Angel Island in New York City
b) Ellis Island in New York City
c) Angel Island in California
d) Ellis Island in California

Which territory did the US NOT gain as a result of the Spanish American War?
a) Guam
b) Philippines
c) Puerto Rico
d) Cuba

Who was the President during the Spanish American War?
a) William McKinley
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Franklin Roosevelt

Why did the United States want the Panama Canal?
a) to make trade easier by creating a shortcut between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
b) to help Panama become a democratic country
c) to build factories in Panama
d) to help Panama's people fight malaria

Most immigrants settled in the Northeast for all of the reasons EXCEPT
a) there were many farms in which to work
b) jobs were available in factories
c) many stayed where they entered the country because they were too poor to go anywhere else
d) groups liked to stay close to others who came from the same country

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