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to state the meaning of, or describe the nature or basic qualities of
a) define
b) express
c) evaluate
d) describe

to prove, establish the validity of something, to describe, explain
a) connect
b) classify
c) find
d) demonstrate

to calculate approximately
a) formulate
b) estimate
c) draw
d) explore

to draw (a curve) as representing a given function
a) investigate
b) graph
c) extend
d) construct

to give or provide the meaning of: explain
a) generate
b) guess
c) find
d) interpret

recognize as being; to establish the identity of
a) express
b) compare
c) identify
d) analyze

show or bring to the attention of others: to spread something out so it may be seen
a) display
b) recognize
c) model
d) perform

to arrange in a coherent form: to arrange in a desired pattern
a) connect
b) look
c) organize
d) estimate

to work out the answer or solution to (a mathematical problem)
a) approximate
b) solve
c) draw
d) construct

to sketch in lines or words
a) draw
b) select
c) formulate
d) locate

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