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What is matter?
a) Matter has mass
b) Matter takes up space
c) All of the above

What are properties?
a) The ability to make things move
b) It takes up space
c) It has mass

What are the three types of properties?
a) blue
c) color, mass, and order
d) heavy or light

Energy can make something
a) move
c) take up space
d) all of the above

Another word for characteristics is
a) matter
c) properties
d) energy

Does matter have
a) space
c) all of the above
d) mass

What are the four kinds of energy?
a) motion, smell, electricity, and matter
c) None of the above
d) light, heat, motion, and electricity

Everything in the world is either
a) matter and space
c) matter or energy
d) energy or space

A property of matter
a) color
c) energy
d) heat

Takes up space and has mass
a) properities
c) matter
d) color

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