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Colonial leaders used the Boston Massacre killings as
a) a call to war
b) propaganda
c) a reason to tax Great Britain
d) a reason to trust Great Britain

The incident in which a fight broke out between the colonists and the redcoats resulting in the death of 5 colonists is called the
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Boston Massacre
d) Battle of Bunker Hill

__________ were harsh laws to punish Boston.
a) Declaratory Act
b) Coercive Acts
c) Townshend Acts
d) Sugar Act

The incident in which Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty threw 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor is known as the ____________.
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Battle of Bunker Hill
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Boston Massacre

What did the colonists call the Coercive Acts?
a) Crazy Acts
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Declaratory Act
d) Olive Branch Petition

British soldiers were called
a) Redcoats
b) Committees of Correspondence
c) Sons of Liberty
d) Daughters of Liberty

United protesters opposed to British rule
a) Redcoats
b) Committees of Correspondence
c) Coercive Acts
d) Sons of Liberty

Prevented supplies from being shipped to Boston
a) Redcoats
b) Committees of Correspondence
c) Coercive Acts
d) Sons of Liberty

The ______________________ met in September 1774 to establish a political body to represent the American interests.
a) Continental Congress
b) Parliament
c) Minutemen
d) Committees of Correspondence

What was NOT a decision made by the Continental Congress in 1774?
a) Boycott all British goods and trade
b) Repeal 13 Acts made by Parliament
c) Pay more taxes on imported goods
d) Form militias

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