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There are drugs that can stop the cell cycle. Why woud you want to do this?
a) to treat cancer
b) increase cell size
c) modify traits
d) accelerate growth

What are the 3 stages of interphase listed in the correct order
a) G1, S, G2
b) S, G1, G2
c) G1,G2,S
d) G!,G2, G3

The division of a nucleus is also called
a) mitosis
b) interphase
c) cytokinesis
d) metaphase

What stage of mitosis is the shortest?
a) metaphase
b) telopahse
c) anaphase
d) prophase

What stage of mitosis is the longest
a) prophase
b) interphase
c) anaphase
d) telophase

What stage of the cell cylce is the longest
a) interphase
b) prophase
c) metaphase
d) anaphase

Cytokinesis is the division of the
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) ceteriole
d) centromere

These are found at the center of sister chromatids
a) centromere
b) centiole
c) chromatin
d) fibers

Overcrowding of normal cells by cancer cells can cause
a) organ failure
b) more cancer
c) there are no consequences
d) increase growth of normal cells

The result of the failure of the regulaton in the cell cycle causes
a) cancer
b) cell growth
c) cell death
d) large cells

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