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If a fore staarts in the lab ________.
a) Tell the teacher
b) Throw water on it
c) Put the trash can over it
d) Don\\\'t tell anyone

Know the location of and how to use __________ in the classroom.
a) chemicals
b) acids
c) saftety equipment
d) beakers

Accidents in the lab are usually a result of
a) carelessness
b) playing
c) not following procedures
d) all of the above

Lab safety rules are reviewed so ___________.
a) you cannot have fun
b) no one will get hurt
c) you cannot say you did not know
d) all of the above

Never _______ in the lab unless told to do so.
a) wash your hands
b) eat in the lab
c) read instructions
d) clean up your mess

Who is going to clean up the lab after experimentations
a) you
b) teacher
c) janitor
d) your friends

_________ an open flame can cause your clothing to ignite.
a) reaching over
b) blowing
c) spraying
d) cooking

Never smell ___________ in a test tube.
a) flames
b) food
c) fumes
d) air

Always us ___________ to handle hot test tube
a) scissors
b) beakers
c) tongs
d) flasks

Where is the fire extingisher located at in the classroom?
a) on the wall
b) under the sink
c) out in the hallway
d) all of the above

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