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8th Grade Volcano Review Game.[print questions]

When plates move toward each other it can cause rock layers to:
a) fold
b) heat up
c) stretch out
d) build up

Melted rock under the Earth's surface is called:
a) lava
b) magma
c) hot rock
d) liquid

When molten rock reaches the Earth's surface it is called:
a) lava
b) magma
c) hot rock
d) liquid

When Igneous rock is formed under the surface of the Earth, it is called:
a) Extrusive
b) magma
c) Intrusive
d) compaction

If you used the scratch test and Moh's Hardness Scale, you would be testing for:
a) luster
b) streak
c) cleavage
d) hardness

The main difference between magma and lava is:
a) magma flows very quickly and lava flows very slowly
b) magma is molten rock, lava is solid rock
c) magma is molten rock on the earth's surface, lava is molten rock beneath the earth's surface
d) magma is molten rock beneath the earth's surface, lava is molten rock on the earth's surface

What type of rock forms in and around a volcano?
a) igneous
b) magma
c) metamorphic
d) sedimentary

Which of the following would occur in the earth's mantle?
a) erosion
b) melting
c) cementation
d) weathering

If the earth's mantle did not experience a difference in temperature what would happen?
a) We would experience more earthquakes and volcanoes
b) The earth would experience exactly the same amount of earthquakes and volcanoes
c) The earth would experience less earthquakes and volcanoes
d) The earth would only experience less earthquakes

Which of the following describes a shield volcano?
a) Explosive and shoots lava into the air
b) Lava seeps from cracks to form wide mounds
c) Thick magma forms pointed layers
d) Has a crater on top of the volcano that has erupted

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