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Which of the following is always true of two organisms in the same taxonomic class?
a) they can breed with one another
b) they have certain physical features in common
c) they evolve at the same rate
d) they live in the same ecosystem

The name "Tursiops truncatus" includes the which of the following ranks?
a) genus, species
b) kingdom, domain
c) class, order
d) species, subspecies

Pathogenic bacteria make you sick.
a) true
b) false

If you were to find archea , where would you look? Choose the best answer
a) inside your intestines
b) on the forest floor
c) in the trenches at the bottom of the ocean
d) on the leaves of plants

How do fungi differ from plants?
a) plants make their own food; fungi do not
b) plants grow from the earth, fungi do not
c) plants have stems, fungi do not
d) fungi reproduce asexually, plants can not

Archea are:
a) easily destroyed
b) extremaphiles, they live in extreme environments
c) live everywhere
d) require salty water

Members of the archeobacteria kingdom are all ____.
a) molds
b) rod-shaped
c) seaweeds
d) bacteria

Mushrooms belong to the ____
a) eubacteria kingdom
b) plant kingdom
c) order or carnivores
d) fungi kingdom

Carolus Linnaeus created ____.
a) DNA
b) a diagram
c) instructions on how to make new cells
d) a classification system

A fern is a member of the ____.
a) animal kingdom
b) protist kingdom
c) plant kingdom
d) cheetah family

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