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a) to swell
b) a sickness
c) charmingly rural
d) naturally peaceful

a) overly dramatic
b) a vacation
c) to attack
d) a time period

a) to praise
b) to erase
c) to put together
d) a huge fire

a) very happy
b) feeling lovely
c) eager to fight
d) plentiful

a) fond of partying
b) to brag; boast
c) to praise; applaud
d) a very loud laugh

a) ridicule
b) calm; peaceful
c) very generous
d) lacking intelligence

a) a long vacation
b) slow
c) to attack with words
d) to lie

a) to examine very carefully
b) very kind
c) fertile; productive
d) making ridiculous claims

a) someone who is skillful with thier hands
b) to make gestures; especially when speaking
c) to speed up the progress of
d) to create

a) a wise man
b) an over achiever
c) to examine very carefully
d) to swell

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