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Use the time line below and your own knowledge to answer Number 2. The events listed on the time line contributed to
a) decreased interest in the arts.
b) decreased concern for education.
c) increased interest in learning about the world.
d) increased desire for unlimited government power.

Study the list below. This list shows church practices in the 1500s that directly led to the
a) Reformation.
b) Great Awakening
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Scientific Revolution

Which was a MAIN result of the Columbian Exchange?
a) Many Native Americans immigrated to Europe
b) Religions begun in North America spread to countries in Asia and Europe.
c) Foods native to North America were introduced to other parts of the world.
d) Native American groups gained new wealth as a result of trade with Europe.

The first fort in America built by the Spanish was located in
a) El Paso, Texas.
b) St. Augustine, Florida.
c) Natchez, Mississippi.
d) New Orleans, Louisiana.

The cartoon below was created during the late 1760s. Use the cartoon and your own knowledge to answer Number 5. The cartoon was designed as a protest against
a) passage of the Consititution.
b) taxes imposed by Great Britain.
c) attacks on colonists by British soldiers.
d) fighting between colonists and Native Americans.

What European country fought against France in the French and Indian War?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Germany
d) Great Britain

As a leader in America’s fight for independence from Great Britain, I helped organize many protests, including the Boston Tea Party. I wrote many speeches supporting colonial right
a) Samuel Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) George Washington

Study 6 the passage below. Which is MOST associated with the ride described in the passage?
a) American troops losing at Valley Forge
b) British troops heading to Lexington and Concord
c) Confederate troops preparing to fire on Fort Sumter
d) Union troops advancing toward Atlanta and Charleston

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow wrote a poem called “Paul Revere’s Ride. In the poem, why was Paul Revere riding at midnight on April 18, 1775?
a) To warn British Loyalist that Americans were attacking.
b) To warn American about the British troops attacking.
c) To warn make it to Boston Harbor for the Tea Party.
d) To go and watch the Boston Tea Party.

In Europe, the Crusades resulted in
a) the strengthening of a society based on capitalism.
b) increased demand for the Asian and Middle Eastern Goods.
c) the weakening of the Catholic Church in southern Europe.
d) the death of millions in Europe because of American diseases.

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