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A Review Of The Essential Minerals And Vitamins We Need To Stay Healthy![print questions]

nutirients needed for growth, tissue repair
a) amino acids
b) carbohydrates
c) proteins
d) fats

substances in food that provide raw materials
a) vitamins
b) nutrients
c) minerals
d) amino acids

nutrients not made by living things
a) minerals
b) vitamins
c) fats
d) proteins

Major source of energy, provide raw materials to cell parts
a) fats
b) proteins
c) nutrients
d) carbohydrates

sugar, major source of energy for body
a) glucose
b) fats
c) proteins
d) amino acids

Energy containing nutrients that form part of cell membrane, protect organs and insulate the body.
a) Fats
b) Vitamins
c) Minerals
d) carbohydrates

20 proteins made up of small linked units
a) proteins
b) sugars
c) amino acids
d) fats

makes up 65% of body weight
a) fats
b) water
c) proteins
d) carbohydrates

helper molecules that speed up chemical reactions
a) minerals
b) proteins
c) vitamins
d) fats

amount of energy needed to raise temp of 1 Gram water by 1 degree Celcius
a) Calorie
b) gram
c) protein
d) amino acid

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