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Political Spectrum And Party System.[print questions]

Which ideological group (NOT PARTY) is the farthest left on the political spectrum?
a) Radical
b) Reactionary
c) Liberal
d) Conservative

Which ideological group wants to return to the past with very small government?
a) Moderate
b) Reactionary
c) Liberal
d) Conservative

What kind of party system does the US have?
a) Multi-party system
b) Two-party system
c) Third party system
d) Single-Party system

Which political party would rather raise taxes to support a big government that provides programs (welfare) for citizens?
a) Republicans
b) Libertarians
c) Green Party
d) Democrats

The term used when an insurance company will not cover medical bills after treatment is given because the patient "lied" about a health condition.
a) Revision
b) Remittance
c) Rescission
d) Recession

The Democratic-Republicans, formed by Jefferson
a) wanted power in the hands of the states because they feared a strong ruler
b) did not want government at all
c) wanted a government that represented the interests of the average person
d) wanted a strong central government that supported the Constitution

Individual issues a party supports are called
a) Complaints
b) Planks
c) Party Platforms
d) Contentions

The political party that believes in less government regulation so people can help themselves is the
a) Liberals
b) Democratic Party
c) Republican Party
d) Conservatives

The party originally formed in order to oppose slavery was
a) The Republican Party
b) Whigs
c) Democratic- Republicans
d) The Democratic Party

The ideological view (on the political spectrum) that usually believes in upholding religious and moral values through government (opposing issues like gay marriage and abortion)
a) Republicans
b) Liberals
c) Conservatives
d) Democrats

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