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The carbon source for organisms that derive their energy from photosynthesis is
a) carbon monoxide
b) carbon dioxide
c) hydrocarbons
d) glucose

The oxygen released in photosynthesis comes from
a) carbon dioxide
b) glucose
c) water
d) sunlight

Chlorophyll reflects which color of light?
a) green
b) blue
c) red
d) yellow

the cyclic pathway functions mainly to
a) fix carbon dioxide
b) produce oxygen
c) make ATP
d) split water

Plant cells produce one molecule of oxygen
a) by splitting carbon dioxide
b) during respiration
c) by splitting glucose
d) by splitting two molecules of water

An important electron and hydrogen acceptor in the noncyclic pathway is
a) NADP+
b) ADP
c) water
d) FAD+

Which of the following is not produced in the light-independent reactions?
b) PGA
d) glucose

Which of the following chemicals has four carbon atoms?
a) glucose
c) PGA
d) oxaloacetate

the C4 pathway involves
a) RuBP
b) FAD
c) oxaloacetate
d) ATP

Which of the following would not be true of CAM plants?
a) fix carbon only once
b) live in desert environments
c) fix carbon mostly during the day
d) grow slowly

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