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Cellular Respiration is a __________ process.
a) Catoblic
b) Anabolic
c) endergonic
d) all of the above

NAD+ and FAD+ are considered to be _________ molecules.
a) coenzymes
b) coenzymes and electron acceptors
c) electron acceptors
d) coenzymes, electron acceptors and reduced forms

Metabolism describes ___________
a) cellular processes used to store substances
b) the elimination of waste products
c) the cells capacity to acquire energy
d) all of the above

which of the following statements is false?
a) once energy is utilized, it disappears
b) the universe has a certain amount of energy
c) whenever energy conversions occur, some energy is lost.
d) there are differences in the quality of energy.

The energy used by living organisms
a) is declining through time
b) is derived by breaking bonds that hold the atoms
c) is available only from glucose when it undergoes respiration
d) tends to accumulate in the food chain.

ATP and NADP+ act as what type of agents between breakdown and synthesis pathways?
a) linkage
b) feedback
c) catalytic
d) enzymatic

Which of the following is most closely associated with photosynthesis?
b) FAD
c) NADP+
d) NADH2

Which reaction is NOT an exergonic reaction?
a) making proteins
b) digestion
c) fire
d) respiration

Organisms that derive their chemical energy from the process of chemnosynthesis are
a) parasites
b) heterotrophs
c) mutualists
d) autotrophs

the 2nd law of thermodynamics states that
a) energy can be transformed into matter and because of this we can get something for nothing.
b) if energy is gained by one region of the universe, another place in the universe also must gain energy in order to maintain h
c) energy tends to become increasingly more disorganized
d) energy can be destroyed

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