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How did the North's use of
a) The South lost little and the use of
b) The South gained resources because the North exposed themselves to attack often.
c) The South lost precious resources, and permanently ruining the econonomy
d) The South lost a lot, but what they lost could be rebuilt easily.

Where did the Confederacy surrender to the Union?
a) Second Bull Run
b) Gettysburg
c) New Orleans
d) Appomattox

What was Lincoln's main goal in Reconstruction?
a) Keeping the Union together at any cost.
b) Giving the former slaves jobs and an education.
c) Industrialize the South.
d) Try former Confederates for treason.

How did most southern African-American families make a living after emancipation?
a) Professionals, such as teachers and lawyers.
b) Wealthy landowners.
c) Government officials and representatives.
d) Hard labor and poor housing and food.

What was the result of the Dred Scott decision?
a) Slaves are not property and Scott was freed.
b) Slaves can't be taken away without due process and Missouri Compromise unconstitutional.
c) Slaves are property but since Scott was taken through free territory he becomes free.
d) Slaves are not property, but Scott was not freed because it would create more tension between the North and South

Why did southern states secede from the Union?
a) The South felt that their economic way of life was threatened.
b) The South felt that they were being told how to run their state governments.
c) Southerners felt that they were being forced to change.
d) All answers.

What battle turned the tide of the Civil War in favor of the Union?
a) First Bull Run
b) Gettysburg
c) Chancellorsville
d) Fredericksburg

How did southern states attempt to return African- Americans to their second-class position in society after Reconstruction?
a) Exile (sending African-Americans away)
b) Integration
c) Wade-Davis Bill
d) Black codes

What was the purpose of the Ku Klux Klan?
a) Scare African-Americans into not voting
b) Intimidate other whites from helping African-Americans
c) Re-establish the Confederacy
d) Terrorize northerners

What did Lincoln mean when he said
a) If southern whites continue to use violence against African-Americans, there will be no progress.
b) The nation must be united as either a free state or a slave state.
c) If the former Confederacy and the Union cannot work together, more conflict will come.
d) If Republicans continue to fight among themselves, nothing will get done.

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