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When people talk about natural resources, they usually mean
a) all of these
b) water
c) vegetation
d) minerals

Geothermal energy is considered a
a) renewable resource
b) nonrenewable resource
c) fossil fuel
d) recyclable resource

Minerals, coal, and natural gases are examples of
a) nonrenewable resources
b) renewable resources
c) second-level products
d) synthetic materials

Resources that were created over millions of years from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals are called
a) fossil fuels
b) land mass
c) pollution
d) recyclable resources

To supply energy needs in the future
a) renewable energy sources are being developed
b) we have unlimited supplies of fossil fuels
c) it is not necessary to look for new sources of energy
d) atomic energy provides a safe alternative to fossile fuels

How are environment and culture related?
a) Environment helps shape culture and cultures help shape the environment
b) Similar environments always produce similar cultures.
c) Different cultures respond similarly to similar environments
d) Environment and culture have no relationship.

In the second stage of economic activity, a person makes
a) raw materials into things that people use
b) fossil fuels
c) deliveries of products
d) a living by farming.

Which of the following is a typical third-level economic activity?
a) selling goods
b) manufacturing
c) farming
d) mining

In developed countries, most jobs are in what area(s)?
a) industrial and service activities
b) agricultural and mining activities
c) civil engineering
d) government

Which stage of economic activity would a subsistence farmer participate?
a) first level economic activity
b) second level economic activity
c) third level economic activity
d) fourth level economic activity

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