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What was the result of Lincolnn's Emancipation Proclamation?
a) Freed all slaves (officially)
b) Freed all slaves in both Confederate and Union states (officially)
c) Freed all slaves in Confederate states (officially)
d) Freed all slaves in the Union states (officially)

What did the Fugitive Slave Act do and how was it received in the North and the South?
a) Settled some of the tensions between the North and the South.
b) Required Northerners to aid in capturing escaped slaves.
c) Those who assisted runaway slaves would be fined or imprisoned.
d) All other answers are correct.

What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act and what existing law did it overturn?
a) It split Kansas and Nebraska as 2 separate territories and it overturned the Missouri compromise.
b) It split Kansas and Nebraska as 2 separate territories and it did not overturn any law.
c) It split Kansas and Nebraska as 2 separate territories and it overturned the Homestead Act
d) It combined Kansas and Nebraska and it overturned the Compromise of 1850.

Why was the nickname for Kansas "Bleeding Kansas?"
a) The Kansas River turned red, leading to its nickname.
b) Pro-slavery supporters and abolitionists led by John Brown often confronted each other violently.
c) Pro-slavery supporters and abolitionists led by John Brown killed many Native Americans.
d) American settlers were slaughtered by Native Americans who already lived there.

What was the impact of Uncle Tom's Cabin on American society?
a) Many southerners became sympathetic, but northerners became infuriated.
b) Both northerners and southerners became sympathetic.
c) Both northerners and southerners became infuriated.
d) Many northerners became sympathetic, but southerners became infuriated.

What was the result of John Brown's raid?
a) He succeeded and slaves became free
b) It made many southern states secede from the Union.
c) John Brown and many of his accomplices were hanged, but it increased tensions further between the North and the South.
d) He inspired widespread rebellions as a martyr.

What was the first battle of the Civil War?
a) Appomattox
b) Battle of Fort Sumter
c) Gettysburg
d) Vicksburg

What was Harriet Tubman's nickname?
a) Black Noah
b) Mother Freedom
c) Black Lincoln
d) Black Moses

How did the Confederate government attempt to make up for its disadvantages in industry and manufacturing?
a) Bribing Native Americans to fight with them
b) Strong military leaders such as Robert E. Lee and seeking support from Britain and France
c) Making and using poison gas against the Union army.
d) They had no advantages.

What was the risk a soldier faced if wounded on the battlefield?
a) Gangreen, infection, lead poisoning and amputation
b) Minor to moderate wounds, such as broken bones and
c) Some bleeding and muscle damage
d) Nothing

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