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When does your teacher teach you something you don't need to know?
a) Everyday.
b) Never. because they don't have time to waste.
c) On Saturdays and Sundays
d) All day long

Should I tell the teacher when something we do is very difficult for me?
a) No, because the teacher only cares about himself.
b) No, because it isn't important for you to understand.
c) Yes, because you are going to go swimming after school.
d) Yes, because he could help you to understand what he is doing.

What does staying focussed mean?
a) actively listening with eyes looking at the teacher while he is talking.
b) looking out the window because some guys is planting flowers.
c) reading a chapter book while the teacher is explaining something.
d) staring at the picture you drew on the desk yesterday.

Which would cause a bigger problem at school?
a) studying alot before a test
b) asking a question during class.
c) Waiting til it is too late to ask a question about something you don't know.
d) Throwing a tantrum when you are at home in your room.

When should I ask a question?
a) when ever you don't understand something, made a mistake, or have difficulty reading something.
b) only after the next test when it is too late to fix.
c) Never because asking questions shows that I am stupid.
d) before I take the time to try to figure it out myself.

If I make a mistake what should I do?
a) hide it til I get a zero, or cant make it up.
b) deny it when the whole class can see it was something I did.
c) ask for help and fix it because it isn't so hard.
d) throw a tantrum yell and scream and disturb other people.

If I don't do my homework who can I yell at?
a) My dog for eating it when I left it on the floor.
b) My teacher because I left it at school.
c) My mom because she asked me where it was.
d) Me bcause nobody has time to watch my stuff so I should learn to do it.

Why should we check to see if we have our agenda before we go home
a) We can see who is most popular.
b) You can see which books you need to bring home that night.
c) You can compare your drawings with other students drawings.
d) You can play tic-tac-toe on blank pages.

Who is your ESOL teacher?
a) Mr. Butney
b) Mr. Reeses Cup
c) Mrs. Putney
d) Mr. Hopper

What should we check to see if we have in our back pack before going home everyday?
a) agenda
b) Halloween candy
c) cell phone
d) gameboy

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