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States that the oldest rocks lie on the bottom and the youngest rocks are on top of any undisturbed sequence of sedimentary rocks.
a) Law of Superposition
b) Unconformity
c) Geologic Time Scale
d) Radioactive dating

The process by which the age of a rock is determined by measuring the amount of radioactive isotopes present in the rock or rock sample.
a) Absolute Age
b) Relative Age
c) Radioactive dating
d) Index Fossil

Gaps in the rock record.
a) Law of Superposition
b) Fossil
c) Intrusion
d) Unconformity

Any method of measuring the age of an event or object in years. The actual age for a rock or mineral.
a) Relative Age
b) Absolute Age
c) Radioactive dating
d) Geologic Time Scale

Found in a narrow time range but widely distributed around the earth.
a) Index Fossil
b) Intrusion
c) Extinction
d) Fossil

Uses information about rock layers and the fossil record to determine the age relationships between rocks.
a) Absolute Age
b) Radioactive dating
c) Relative Age
d) Fossil

Occurs when a large proportion of the earth’s species go extinct in a relatively short period of time.
a) Intrusion
b) Unconformity
c) Mass Extinction
d) Law of Superposition

An igneous rock layer formed when magma hardens beneath Earth’s surface.
a) Intrusion
b) Unconformity
c) Fault
d) Fossil

A type of fossil that provides evidence of the activity of ancient organisms.
a) Index Fossil
b) Mold
c) Trace Fossil
d) Cast

A fossil in which minerals replace all or part of an organism
a) Carbon Film
b) Trace Fossil
c) Index Fossil
d) Petrified Fossil

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