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Practice For Your Element Assessments.

Lead, Mercury, Potassium
a) Pg, Me, P
b) L, M, P
c) Pb, Hg, P
d) Pb, Hg, K

a) S
b) Ti
c) Sn
d) Tn

a) Ch
b) C
c) Cl
d) Cn

a) S
b) Su
c) Ag
d) Sn

N, Ne
a) Neon, Nitrogen
b) Nitrogen, Neon

C, Ca, Cu
a) Cobalt, Carbon, Copper
b) Calcium, Copper, Carbon
c) Carbon, Calcium, Copper
d) Copper, Carbon, Calcium

a) Gold
b) Silver
c) Sodium
d) Tin

a) Tin
b) Sodium
c) Potassium
d) Silver

a) He
b) H
c) Hl
d) Hm

Calcium, Carbon, Copper
a) C, Cu,Ca
b) Ca, C, Cu
c) Cu, C, Ca
d) Cu, Ca, C

Aluminum, Zinc, Fluorine
a) A, Z, F
b) Al, Zn, Fl
c) Al, Zn, F
d) Am, Zc, Fl

Phosphorus, Potassium
a) P, Po
b) Ph, K
c) K, P
d) P, K

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