East Asia Question Preview (ID: 47343)

Final Review.

The Mongols were most known for
a) achievements in the arts
b) engineering skills
c) skills on horseback and discipline and ruthlessness in battle
d) large, organized cities

The practice of foot binding
a) was a short lived trend in China
b) was outlawed by leaders of the Song dynasty
c) was necessary for an upper class Chinese woman to be considered desirable for hundreds of years
d) none of the above are true

The most lasting achievement of the short-lived Sui dynasty was
a) construction of the Great Wall
b) the building of the Grand Canal
c) the invention of the seismograph
d) the creation of China's first empire

China enjoyed a Golden Age under which dynasties?
a) the Qin and Han
b) the Tang and Song
c) the Yuan and Heain
d) the Kamakura and Hiragana

Which Mongol leader created the largest land empire in history?
a) Kublai Khan
b) Lui Bai
c) Genghis Khan
d) Attila the Hun

In feudal Japan, who exercised the most political power?
a) the samurai
b) the shogun
c) the emperor
d) the ronin

Most samurai practiced ___________, which helped with meditation.
a) zen buddhism
b) hinduism
c) christianity
d) Islam

Which of the following was the code for proper samurai behavior?
a) chivalry
b) rule of St. Benedict
c) bushido
d) shinto

During which Chinese dynasty was printing invented?
a) Tang
b) Song
c) Sui
d) Qin

Who was the leader of China's Yuan dyansty?
a) Liu Bai
b) Du Fu
c) Kublai Khan
d) Shi Huangdi

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