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adventure story set in a far-away place and time
a) romance
b) fable
c) epic
d) pageant

story in which characters, items, places, and events are symbols
a) allegory
b) ballad
c) satire
d) frame tale

story using animal characters to teach a lesson
a) fable
b) didacticism
c) morning star
d) romance

figurative language that contrasts appearance and reality
a) irony
b) satire
c) theology
d) allegory

moveable platform
a) pageant
b) morality play
c) miracle play
d) mystery play

short story that told a story and was usually sung
a) ballad
b) romance
c) allegory
d) epic

making fun of things to correct problems
a) satire
b) didacticism
c) theme
d) pageant

teaching a lesson
a) didacticism
b) ballad
c) theme
d) scholasticism

group of stories unified by a central plot
a) frame tale
b) ballad
c) allegory
d) romance

two major purposes of literature
a) to teach and to delight
b) to entertain and to delight
c) to make fun of and to teach
d) to bore and to teach

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