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In what way does the law of superposition show geological evolution?
a) the youngest layer is on the bottom and the oldest layer is on the top
b) there is no difference in the position of layers in regards to age
c) the oldest layer is on the bottom and the youngest layer is on the top
d) the youngest layer is in the middle and the oldest layer is on the top

Which of the following is the BEST example of an index fossil?
a) an animal’s paw print
b) a fern print on a rock
c) a dinosaur bone
d) a trilobite fossil

What is the BEST example of an unconformity?
a) missing layer of rock
b) a crack in the plates
c) sedimentary deposits
d) the crust of the Earth

How would a biologist BEST determine the reason for extinction of a species?
a) read previous theories for connections
b) conduct experiments on carbon dating
c) analyze data collected on rock layers over time
d) examine fossils of plants and animals in different rock layers to see how these organisms have chang

The process by which the age of a rock is determined by measuring the amount of radioactive isotopes present in the rock or rock sample
a) Relative dating
b) Radioactive Dating
c) Law of superposition
d) Absolute Dating

If you found many tracks of the same species of prehistoric animal in an area, what might you conclude about the animal?
a) It lived in groups
b) It did not produce many offspring
c) It was the only species there
d) It hunted alone

Scientists in Alaska discover fossils of several organisms that they know lived only in warm climates. What does this discovery tell them about the climate of Alaska in the past?
a) The climate of Alaska was warmer in the past than it is today.
b) Alaska used to be located near the equator.
c) The climates of Alaska has not changed.
d) The organisms also lived in cold climates.

Fossils of warm-weather plants were found on an island in the Arctic Ocean. What can best be concluded from this discovery?
a) Spores of plants drifted by air currents to the island.
b) Ocean currents carried the plants to the island.
c) The island drifted from a tropical region to its present location.
d) Seeds of plants have been carried to the island by migratory birds.

Which best explains how geologic time scales can help scientists study the evolution of life on Earth?
a) They describe the existence of rocks before there was life on Earth.
b) They show that geological features have evolved at the same rate as organisms.
c) They compare the life histories of species that have used rocks as habitats.
d) They correlate the existence of life on Earth with geological events.

A layer of marine fossils is discovered in a desert environment. Which hypothesis best explains the discovery?
a) The area was once covered by water.
b) Erosion turned most of the limestone in the area into sand.
c) A catastropic event once occurred in the area.
d) Volcanic activity once occurred in the area.

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