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Which of the following is NOT a type of orbital
a) s
b) d
c) p
d) x

An electron jumps to a new energy leveel whan
a) the atoms becomes charged
b) the atoms becomes unstable
c) the electron's location is pinpointed
d) the atoms gains or loses energy

The number of energy levels filled in an atom is determined by
a) protons
b) electrrons
c) neutrons
d) photons

Which of the following statements is NOT true
a) A s orbital holds 2 electrons
b) A d orbital can hold up to 2 electrons
c) A f orbital can hold up to three electrons
d) a p orbital can hold two electrons

Dalton's atomic theory stated that every element was made of atoms that could not be sub divided, atoms of the same element are alike, and
a) atoms are made of protons,neutrons, and electrons
b) the nucleus is the center of the atom
c) atoms of different elements could join to form compounds
d) atoms are constantly in motion

Which statement about the atom's nucleus is correct
a) the nucleus is made of protons and neutrons and has a negative charge
b) the nucleus is made of protons and neutrons and has a positive charge
c) the nucleus is made of electrons and has a positive charge
d) the nucleus is made of electrons and has a negative charge

According to Rutherford's model of the atom,electron behave like
a) planets orbiting the sum
b) waves on a vibrating string
c) light energy in a vacuum
d) planets rotating on their axes

Oxygen's atomic number is 8. This means that an oxygen atom has
a) 8 neutrons in the nucleus
b) a total of 8 protons and neutrons
c) 8 protons in its nucleus
d) total of 8 neutron and electrons

Which statement about an element's average atomic mass is correct
a) It is determined by counting the number of isotopes in a sample of the element
b) it is equal to one twelfth the mass of the most common isotope
c) it is a weighted average,so common isotopes have a greater effect that the uncommon ones
d) it is based on an isotope's charge, negative isotopes have a greater effect than positive ones

A mole is an SI unit bases the describes the
a) mass of a substance
b) amount of a substance
c) volume of a substance
d) electrical charge of a substance

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