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A subatomic particle that has a negative change is called a(n)
a) molecule
b) electron
c) element
d) compound

Who determined that atoms could be divided
a) Democritus
b) Thomson
c) Dalton
d) Rutherford

Thomson made his discovery about the atom during an experiment using
a) thermal energy
b) kinetic energy
c) cathode rays
d) x rays

Thomson is responsible for discovering that an atom contains
a) electrons
b) molecules
c) anodes
d) a nucleus

Which of the following statements is NOT true
a) protons have a positive charge
b) nucleus has a positive charge
c) neutrons have no charge
d) neutrons have a negative charge

What is an atom's nucleus made of
a) protons and neutrons
b) only protons
c) only neutrons
d) anodes

In ____________ atomic model, negative electrons orbit the positively charged nucleus
a) Dalton
b) Thomson
c) Rutherford
d) Democritus

Whose model determined that an atom's positive energy is concentrated at the atom's center
a) Rutherford
b) Dalton
c) Democritus
d) Thomson

What is the mass of 2.5 mol of Ca, which has a molar mass of 40 g/mol
a) 2.5g Ca
b) 20.0 g Ca
c) 40.0 g Ca
d) 100 g Ca

What is the amount of nickel, which has an average atomic mass of 58.7 u, present is 525 g nickel
a) 28.0 mol
b) 8.90 mol
c) 525 mol
d) 58.7 mol

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