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Atomic Theory.[print questions]

Dalton's atomic Theory was accepted because
a) there was evidence to support it
b) Deomcritus said it was correct
c) Dalton invented the electron microscope
d) Salton showed how molecules are formed

Atoms have no electric charge because they
a) have an equal number of charged and non charged aprticles
b) have neutrons in their nuclei
c) have an equal number of electrons and protons
d) have an equal number of neutrons and protons

According to the new model of the atom,electrons behavelie
a) planets orbiting the sun
b) waves vibrating on a string
c) light energy in a vacuum
d) planets rotating on their axis

According to modern atomic theory,it is nearly impossible to determine an electron's exact
a) color
b) position
c) charge
d) mass

Valence electrons determine an atoms
a) mass
b) chemical properties
c) electric charge
d) period

A mole is an SI base unit that describes the
a) mass of a substance
b) amount of a substance
c) volume of a substance
d) electric charge of a substance

If the atomic mass of carbon is 12 u, 1 mole of pure carbon will have a mass of
a) 6 g
b) 6 mol
c) 12 g
d) 12 mol

You have 85.5 g of fluorine which has a molar mass of approximately 19 g/mol. How many moles of fluorine do you have
a) 4.5 mol
b) 19 mol
c) 45 mol
d) 85 mol

Democitus's original atomic theory was revised because it
a) claimed matter is made of atoms
b) claimed atoms could be divided
c) explained what electrons were
d) did not have a scientific basis

Which of these statements is NOT part of Dalton's atomic theory?
a) Atoms cannot be divided
b) Atoms of an element are alike
c) Atoms are made of electrons
d) Atoms of different element from compounds

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