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The Age of Exploration began in the 1400s. What were the early explorers looking for?
a) spices
b) silks
c) trade route to Asia
d) all of the answers

What was the purpose of an astrolabe?
a) measure the location by using lines of latitude
b) tell which direction they were going
c) I don't know---can I phone a friend?
d) cooked their meals

What tool helped the explorers find the direction they were going?
a) GPS
b) compass
c) astrolabe
d) map

How does a compass work?
a) plug it in
b) connect it to the internet
c) uses a magnetic needle that is attracted by the magnetic fields that line up close to the North Pole
d) measuring the angle of the star above the horizon

How did explorers show that they had claimed a region for their country?
a) planted a flag
b) put up a billboard proclaiming that this was their land
c) put an announcement on the internet
d) celebrated with their crew

What were some foods that explorers found in the New World (Americas)?
a) potatoes
b) corn
c) squash
d) all of these answers

Why was tobacco a valuable cash crop?
a) the colonists could sell the crop to buy goods from Europe
b) it grew well in the New World
c) people in Europeans wanted it
d) all of these answers

What are artifacts?
a) object made by group of people such as tools and clothes
b) early scientific tool used to observe and calculate position of the sun and other stars
c) crop that is grown in large quantities for sale
d) tool or instrument for finding directions by first locating north

Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church and began what religious group?
a) Protestant
b) Catholic
c) Muslim
d) none of these answers

What happened as a result of Matin Luther's work?
a) wars between the Catholics and Protestants
b) Muslims bullt a center of culture and learning in Spain
c) everyone got a long together no matter what their religious views
d) nothing changed

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