Marketing I - Chapter 3 & 4 Question Preview (ID: 4708)

Review For Chapters 3 & 4 Test.[print questions]

Where should an organization start when planning a marketing schedule?
a) Utility
b) Technology
c) Resources
d) Objectives

Objectives or goals are derived from what?
a) Competitive strategy
b) Tactical Plans
c) Mission statement
d) Corporate strategy

If an organization attempts to develop a long-term, cost effective link with individual customers for mutual benefit, it is referred to as what?
a) Relative marketing
b) Relationship marketing
c) Mutuality marketing
d) Target marketing

How much does it cost to keep a current customer, compared to getting a new customer?
a) one-half as much
b) twice as much
c) five times as much
d) ten times as much

When you start planning, what essential purpose makes the company different from others?
a) Opportunity
b) Mission
c) Objectives
d) Strategy

If the organization has objectives that will have a major impact for five or more years, they are called what?
a) Tactical plans
b) Marketing plans
c) Economic plans
d) Strategic plans

Consumers are better served as a result of ___.
a) Undifferentiated marketing
b) Concentrated marketing
c) Differentiated marketing
d) Strategic marketing

The best market for an undifferentiated marketing strategy would be...
a) Soda
b) Salt
c) Trucks
d) Automobiles

If you anticipate the future and choose a course of action for achieving the objective, it is known as...
a) Planning
b) Researching
c) Speculating
d) Managing

If your company decides to focus on a smaller target market instead of trying to sell its products to the entire marketing, it is called...
a) Differentiated marketing
b) Concentrated marketing
c) Undifferentiated marking
d) Tactical marketing

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