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People's occupations, their behavior, and their beliefs are a part of their
a) culture
b) government
c) climate
d) technology

When geographers study human-environment interaction, they learn
a) how people and their environment affect each other
b) how schools are run
c) how agriculture develops
d) how the climate changes

Which of the following is NOT one of the four major advances in early cultures?
a) the discovery that the world is round
b) the invention of tools
c) the beginnings of agriculture
d) the development of civilization

Which of the following would NOT be considered an institution?
a) civilizations
b) families
c) sports clubs
d) organized religions

The social unit most responsible for teaching the customs and traditions of a culture is
a) the family
b) the government
c) the army
d) schools

Two important features of a culture are
a) language and religious beliefs
b) weather and writing
c) economy and climate
d) natural resources and climate

Whic of the following is true of social classes?
a) People can improve their status by getting a good education
b) People in most societies cannot improve their status
c) They are based mainly on age
d) They are based mainly on gender

Which of the following changes as a result of discoveries and inventions, shifts in the natural environment, and new ideas?
a) culture
b) landforms
c) climate
d) atmosphere

The rapid exhange of ideas in the computer age has increased the
a) rate of cultural change
b) growth of communism
c) growth of extended families
d) number of religions in the world

What is one way that technology affects culture?
a) It allows for the rapid spread of information
b) It helps people slow down.
c) It gives people entertainment.
d) It can cause people to get angry.

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