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the stacks where light-dependent reactions take place within the thylakoids are:
a) granum
b) stroma
c) thylakoid
d) pigment

the second compartment of the chloroplasts, where the fluid-filled space is, It is the location of the light-independent reactions in phase two of photosynthesis
a) stroma
b) pigment
c) thylakoid
d) granum

light-absorbing colored molecules
a) pigment
b) thylakoid
c) stroma
d) granum

the electon carrier
a) NADP+
b) ATP
d) H2O

the second phase of photosynthesis, where energy is stored in organic molecules such as glucose
a) calvin cycle
b) kreb cycle
c) photosynthesis
d) respiration

an enzyme that converts the remaining ten G3P molecules
a) rubisco
b) granum
c) stroma
d) fermentation

first stage of glycolysis, does not require oxygen
a) anaerobic process
b) aerobic process
c) aerobic respiration
d) fermentation

includes the krebs cycle and electron transport and is an aerobic process
a) aerobic respiration
b) anaerobic respiration
c) fermentation
d) cellular respiration

a type of bacterium that is photosynthetic and an autotroph
a) cyanobacterium
b) ecoli
c) spirogyra
d) staphylo

requires oxygen, ie: cellular respiration
a) aerobic process
b) anaerobic process
c) fermentation
d) glycolysis

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